Baby Blue Dress


This project I used historical Truly Victorian patterns.  I referenced the accents from 1880's ensembles day dresses.  I wanted to highlight the detail in this costume. This day dress consist of underskirt, over skirt, bodice, purse and hat.  The material I used is 100% cotton with 7 yards of light blue fabric and 8 yards of light blue and white stripe fabric  For the trim there was a lot of pleating, so much I got pretty good at it.  Also I did box pleating with added pearls for the bottom of the underskirt.  White trim was added on the bodice and skirt for accent.

Other items used hooks, snaps, buttons and interfacing.  The hat consisted of buckram, wire, cotton, flannel lining, tulle,feathers, fake flowers, satin ribbon, trim and a fake bird.

The purse was my sketched pattern.  Used 3 tassels, cotton, interfacing and cording.  To get the full look for this dress I made the underpinning of a chemise, split drawers, corset, bustle and a petticoat to give the correct silhouette.  

If your interested in more of my work or the process you can go here.


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