Venice Carnival Dress

This project is based and inspired off of queen Elizabeth attire.  The design is all my own.  I used a simplicity pattern 1888.  Which I didn't really care for.  I made lots of changes to this pattern.

This costume has a lot of detail throughout it.  This costume consists of 12 pieces.  The farthingale,bum roll, kirtle, gown, bodice, parlet, a collars, ruff, wrist cuffs, snood, crown and a purse.

The kirtle material is a very thin like polyester nylon. For the gown is a aqua green polyester brocade and the sleeves are made with two materials one over the other silver polyester nylon with cream crystal organza.

I also used Polyester chiffon, Muslim, metal boning,  buckram, wire, pearls, seed beads, beads, fake jewels, cardboard, felt, foam, sequence, hooks, Velcro, snaps, polyester thread, glue and all types of trim.

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